Vegan Retreat in Ibiza

Conscious eating
& high vibrational cooking

From 21 to 27
October 2023

About us

Raíces de Ibiza is born from a desire for change, from the desire to start living according to our values, in which we promote sustainable food and in harmony with the land.

This is how we started to grow our own fruits, vegetables and cereals such as Blat Xeixa which have been used since ancient times. By doing so we promote more natural cuisine, inspired by local products, fresh vegetables from the garden, seaweed, gluten-free and / or whole grain cereals as well as live foods that incorporate process such as germination, fermentation and activated seeds.

And when you want something with great force, and you

add love, dreams can come true. Today we are vegan chefs who love to feed and train people like yourself who are aware that our actions contribute to the good health of people and the biodiversity of our island.

Protect and take care of Ibiza. Help us to preserve its roots, it’s fields and it’s sea.

raices de ibiza


100% Organic and Vegan Food

Do you want to start to fell better?   

raices de ibiza

E-book vegan recipes

The best of Raíces de Ibiza

Our best recipes dedicated to our partner Bruno ❤ 

Don’t miss it!

Vegan cooking workshops


In our fun workshops you can learn the professional techniques that will help you cook in a faster, healthier and more delicious way that is full of flavour, health and energy.

Do not miss our fun workshops, if you want to learn which our professional tricks and techniques in a stimulating and fun environment.

Gastronomic retreats

To enrich body and mind

Our revitalizing adventures are designed to guide you towards a happy and healthy lifestyle. They are retreats for several days in which we propose you join us in an amazing culinary experience accompanied by other activities in a magical environment, surrounded by nature and peace.

Private vegan dinners

The real pleasure of vegan cuisine

Relax and enjoy, in good company, a magnificent dinner “Raíces de Ibiza” style. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our menus.


Vegan recipes

100% Raices de Ibiza Recipes

Here you have a selection of our favorite recipes. All of them are gluten free, sugar free and without refined flours . We recommend using ecological, local and quality ingredients.


Ibiza Market

100% organic and handmade products

If you want to meet us, come and visit us on Sundays at the Sant Joan’s Market. You won’t be able to say no to the delicious selection of fresh products, created in a sustainable and artisan way.

raices de ibiza

We have a present for you!


We are very happy and excited to announce that we now have our digital book in English "Authentic and Healthy Vegan recipes" of Raíces de Ibiza 43 Healthy, gluten and suhar free, Vegan, and unrefined flour recipes. Subscribe to our list and get 3 recipes from our Ebook as a gift!

• Black garlic mayonnaise
• Soup that cures the soul of coconut and red lentil
• Rice pudding Tinita

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    Follow us

    Bruno ❤

    Once upon a time there was a dog named Bruno, our great partner.  🐶

    During his 12 years of life, we had lived millions of adventures and experiences which We grew together with.
    He gave us So much happiness and unconditional love, that one day, We decided to make a change in our actions, after seeing too much animal suffering in the world, and start seeking sustainable food in harmony with our body, plants and the animals..
    Bruno was our inspiration to create Raíces de Ibiza. 🌱
    Later he became a super hero Dog and taught us to live in harmony with nature, to heal us with plants and to eat healthy to avoid diseases.
    During the first 8 years of Raíces de Ibiza, he accompanied walking with us to all our workshops, events, private dinners, retreats, street-markets, travels and dreams… Bruno, one of the 3 founders of Raíces de Ibiza 🌱  will always remain in our hearts, remembering the beautiful love He gave us  ✌🏆
    Brunito, we love you from here to eternity  💖   Cristina and Roger 🐶👫💖