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Hello everyone! I’m Cristina and I’ll explain how I got here. I have always enjoyed combining my work in the hospitality industry and event management with my passion for travel. The experiences that I have lived and shared around this world have awakened in me a deep love for animals and nature. This is how my concern for the environment began and the desire to change the way we treat the world.

At age 25, tired with living with digestive disorders, I discover that a vegan, gluten-free and organic diet was the way to happiness for me. Such is the story in vegan cooking, inventing recipes with my favourite ingredients that allowed me to provide myself with, nourishing, rich and nutritious meals.

Sometime later, Pilates came into my life due to a spinal problem that had kept me motionless and inactive for months. But thanks to Pilates I have been able to strengthen the centre of my body, lengthening my back, improving resistance while filling me with energy and good humour.

I am currently a Peak Pilates International certified teacher and continue my training with the goal of helping people regain their physical well-being.

“Her smile, enthusiasm and her great heart are my inspiration in the kitchen “(Roger)


Welcome to Raíces  Ibiza! When I was 17 years old, my passion for bicycling, nature and my desire to explore the world would lead my best friends and I to begin an adventure that would take us thousands of kilometres of pedalling.

For months, I was the cook of our expeditions and it was then that I discovered the pleasure I felt cooking for others, which led me to study cooking in Buenos Aires. After finishing my master apprenticeship, I began my professional life as a chef working in the best kitchens of Barcelona, ​​Andorra, Switzerland and Costa Rica, until finally establishing myself in Ibiza.

Here after years under the pressure and stress of restoration,

my view of the kitchen changed and I realized that “eating is not the same as feeding”. This is how I began to apply my professional experience and creativity to vegan and gluten free food, using techniques such as germination, fermentation, dehydration … contributing to my dishes health and a greater nutritional benefit.

☆ “His patience, his peace and harmony, his humility and knowledge are what make him a great teacher and my favourite teacher ❤ (Cristina)

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