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Hello everyone.

I’m Cristina, lover of nature, of personal well-being and of healthy eating.

Passionate and enthusiastic creator of Raíces de Ibiza.

Raíces de Ibiza was born from a desire for change, the desire to begin living according to personal values which promote sustainable living in harmony with nature.

So I began the cultivation of fruit, vegetables and antique cereals (xeixa wheat), promoting the preparation of natural food inspired by local food products, fresh vegetables, live food (sprouting, fermenting), algae, wholemeal and/or gluten-free cereals.

Right now I am a vegan chef and Pilates teacher. I feed and nourish people like you. People who are conscious that our actions contribute to our love for ourselves and our personal well-being.

I care for the natural world and all that live on our planet.

Through the desire to love and protect Ibiza you can help conserve its roots, it’s countryside, its sea.

That’s how Raíces de Ibiza was born out of pure love for our little island.

And when you really desire something with all your strength, together with love….that’s when it becomes reality.

cocina vegana